NYC–based team collaborating on multidisciplinary intangibles and visually stimulating textual indecency projects.

Team Bio

Portrait by Alp Klanten

Teamworks Unlimited is a queer feminist arts collaborative co-founded by Patricia Silva (Queens, NY) and Laura Turley (Brooklyn, NY) in 2013. The collaborative has experimented with chat as a literary form (Slow-Burning Nightwood, 2013); developed and produced a 40-min public audio work about intersectional histories in Brooklyn Heights—a series of encounters musing on history, desire, and urban space (An Impalplable Sustenance, 2013); collaborated with Avram Finkelstein on a project addressing the social divide perpetuated by mainstream gay white power (Queer Crisis, 2014); critiqued white culture's tone-deaf response to A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby (2014) by Kara Walker (Eye Candy, 2014). Most recently, the collaborative has created a work in response to the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri (Presumed, 2014).

The collaborative performed Slow-Burning Nightwood at Velvetpark magazine's inaugural reading series at the Dalloway (NYC), and was featured in the Queer Pop-Up Museum of Queer History Fall 2013 exhibition, "On the (Queer) Waterfront: Brooklyn Histories."