NYC–based team collaborating on multidisciplinary intangibles and visually stimulating textual indecency projects.

2014 May


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From May–July 2014, the site of the Domino sugar factory in Brooklyn was taken over by Kara Walker's A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby. Disturbed by the offensive and tone-deaf reactions of the white audience, the collaborative decided to stage a social media intervention. Over the course of the exhibit, the collaborative responded with a direct Twitter action: a series of visual works posted under the #karawalkerdomino hashtag, beginning on May 31st. These works questioned our own gaze, and asked ourselves and others to engage more deeply and directly with the work. Eye Candy stayed within the Twitter Top 10 trending #karawalkerdomino posts over the course of several weeks throughout the duration of the exhibition, and was completed five months before Kara Walker offered her own critique of audience reactions with a video.