NYC–based team collaborating on multidisciplinary intangibles and visually stimulating textual indecency projects.

2013 October


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An Impalpable Sustenance is a site-specific, MP3-guided excursion on and around the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. A series of encounters musing on history, desire, and urban space. A series of vignettes engage the participant through music, poetry, and the connective tissue of hidden histories as seen through a queer lens in different and unexpected ways. The result is an individual experience of both the present moment in time and place as well as an ultrasensory vestige of the past. The audio features Walt Whitman read by Nayland Blake, Naomi Replansky read by Laura Turley, Fernando Pessoa read by Patricia Silva, and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Benjamin Britten: the Scottish Symphony Orchestra performing Benjamin Britten's Young Apollo, each element unearthing specific facets of the Brooklyn waterfront's history.

The work highlighted female writers and filmmakers, anti­war expatriates, creative hotspots, factory workers, gay subculture, immigrant presence, the influence of Richard Wright, the Underground Railroad in Brooklyn, and the role that abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher, Walt Whitman, and others played in advancing local social mores.

This work was developed for "On The (Queer) Waterfront: Brooklyn Histories," Pop-Up Museum of Queer History, New York, NY.

Exhibition dates: October 5–October 31, 2013.

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